Lexus liberal

Lexus liberal
( lib.uh.rul)
A person who is liberal in words but not in deeds.
Example Citation:
"Last week the Supreme Court [of Canada] resoundingly affirmed the rights of pregnant Canadian women to liberty and autonomy. Women's groups applauded...Among aboriginal communitites [Fetal Alcohol Syndrome] is an epidemic...Next to this devastation, the rejoicings of women's groups and Lexus liberals seem remarkably cruel."
— Margaret Wente, "Slaughter of Human Potential," The Globe and Mail, November 8, 1997
Earliest Citation:
Vello's big campaign promises were to get youth gangs off the street and clean up public transit. The plan turned out to be a model of efficiency. He would do both at once: Put the youth gangs on buses as security guards, and let them clean the floor with those who don't stand behind the yellow line. This is San Francisco, so the plan is applauded by Lexus liberals as a model for rehabilitating troubled youth.
— Rob Morse, "Anon., and on and on," The San Francisco Examiner, January 28, 1996
This phrase is based on the type of people who claim to champion the cause of the working poor, but who revel in the luxuries of life, such as Lexus automobiles.
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I feel a more semantically correct definition of this term would go something like, ...
One who hypocritically champions liberal causes, especially charity toward the poor, often for personal or political gain, while themselves engaging in only the most trivial and visible forms of charity.
See also: Limousine Liberal

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